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The level of politics Is hell down, thanks to Arvind Kejriwal

India, New Delhi, Sep 13: The first chikungunya death was reported in the national capital on Monday, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal instead of working on solutions blaming modi and congress indirectly.

Earliar the veteran journalists Shekhar Gupta twitted on twitter regarding this.


And this is how Arvind Kejriwal replied, instead of assuring people and taking some serious steps to eradicate the health scare in Delhi, found it more important to hit back at the journo, modi and congress. Now no one has the right to criticize someone.




According to reports, A 65-year-old man died of chikungunya, On Monday at a hospital in New Delhi. The man succumbed to the vector-borne disease at Ganga Ram hospital at 4 am.

He died at the hospital at 4 am. The patient was brought here in a critical condition from Yashodhara Hospital in Ghaziabad on Saturday at 10:30 PM and admitted to ICU.

The cause of the death was chikungunya with sepsis, hospital authorities told PTI.

The patient died in ICU. His test for chikungunya done by RT-PCR method at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital came positive with high viral count.

Around 1057 cases of chikungunya have been recorded till September 10, in the municipal report release on Monday.

According to reports, the chikungunya cases in the national capital has increased to over 1,000 this season, marking a jump of nearly 90 per cent from its count last week.