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hunter and prey in politics, india political system

As the society is growing so is our needs and necessities are also multiplying.


The todays society has become more like a hunter and that of a prey. We are often soft by heart, we are often cruel by heart, sometimes we are even blunt by heart no feeling for any other individual, and often look for opportunity where we can gain advantage. This has what has become under the umbrella of the current political system.


How we are hunters: There was a time when the kings used to hunt the animals of his like into the jungle. Now when the fear of jungle has come, or the jungle is occupied by the vast area of concrete jungle. The people are trying to gain a more better place in the society to hunt there requirement of needs, often in accuring this needs we are hunting or taking advantage of other individual to full fill our need. So we are like the hunters.


The prey: survival of the fittest, the jungle law often comes here, some times we are overtaken by a bigger hunter, who can take is just like us, trying to grow big and full fill all his necceseties.


Every individual has become a hunter till the time he is not the prey(hunted by some other one).


India is a country of multi-politicians, ie there are different parties governing the states and national political parties.


We as a society are not working to every individual level.

Some times we become hunters and sometime we are prey.

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