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The politicians have rights to blame anyone, common man doesn’t

Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi: It would not be wrong if we can write the Indian politics have given all the politicians all the right to accuse any one of anything of any corruption, on any politician, and yet nothing happens to the accuser and to the accused as well. But if you are a common man you have no place to be in the society.
Top 10 Highlights of the today’s rally in Mehsana, Gujarat

     1.   Rahul Gandhi Accuses Narendra Modi for taking money from Sahara in 2013

      Following the footsteps of Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, directly accused the PM of on his home, Mehsana, Gujarat of taking money from the Sahara. He gave the entire details of the transaction taken place.

      Some days back in front of the parliament he said that "Modi is very scared because I have personal information on the prime minister." 

      Today Rahul mentioned that, Sahara wrote in its diary entries, 9 times about paying the Money (bribe) to PM Modi when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. Mr Gandhi said "IT Department raided Sahara    Company on 22 Nov, 2014. The records are with IT Dept for last 2 and half years yet no action has been taken. An independent enquiry must be initiated," Rahul said.

      Revealing the records, Rahul Gandhi announced the amount and date of entries. "As per record with IT, Rs 2.5 cr was given to PM Modi on 30 Oct '13, Rs 5 cr on 12 Nov '13, Rs 2.5 cr on 27 Nov '1, Rs 5 cr on 29 Nov '13."

Entries showed Rs 5 cr given to PM Modi on 6 Dec ’13, Rs 5cr on 19 Dec ’13, Rs 5cr on 13 Jan ’14, Rs 5cr on 28 Jan ’14, Rs 5 cr 22 Feb ’14," Rahul Gandhi said.

      2.   The BJP government in MP, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh snatched away the land of poor.

  1. The Patidars of Gujarat carried out their movement in a non-violent manner, but the BJP government tried repressing with violence.
  2. Modi of scaring off the Dalits in Gujarat.
  3. The Switzerland government has sent the names of culprits to PM Modi then why isn't he presenting it in the Parliament. "Don't know why Modiji did not target the 94% of black money but the other 6%, did not target the 1% corrupt but 99% honest people," he said.
  4. Modi has not carried out the surgical strike but fire-bombed poor people. "A farmer does not purchase his seeds by cheque or card but in cash, you (PM Modi) have taken away that cash from them," Rahul said.
  5. When a farmer or middle-class people take loans from banks and are unable to pay they are put behind bars but when the same is done by rich, they are not called 'chor' but are called defaulters. Your demonetisation move has affected Gujarat’s construction, engineering, textile & power loom industries, Rahul mentioned.
  6. Modi ji cannot bring back money taken as loans by 1% rich people and hence he is using the money of poor to waive off this bad debt." He said PM Modi is confusing people. "First he said it is the fight against black money then he told we need to move toward cashless economy," Rahul said.
  7. His aim is to keep your money in banks for at least 6-7 months so that he can waive off rich people's loans, Rahul alleged. "You (PM Modi) didn’t let me speak in the Parliament, you wouldn’t stand in front of me, I don’t know why," he told the crowd.
  8. Further he said, as per documents with I-T department, the Birla group also paid Rs 12 crore to Modi when he was the Gujarat chief minister

Indeed the Indian politicians have all rights to blame anyone, yet nothing to any of the politician, but if a does so he will have no place to hide