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Aarushi Talwar and the media, media is detective

27th Nov, 2013: Nowdays all of sudden the all media houses are following the same news from the morning breakfast to dinner at night, its is like chasing the even out from the odd. The Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj Banjade double murder case for example, the court has decided as guilty and sentenced to life impresement. and the media has assumend them not guilty, they has been taking all the interviews they can take from talwars family, relative amd distance relative and many unknowns, which is not important to the common people.   Tehelka’s case again no work for media then to run after this news from morning to evening. one more thing is funny with the media, if some one is guilty they will do all to say they are not guilty, like last time when the Aarushi Talwar where accuited from the cbi they were all against the CBI, that it is not able to find the culpril and now when they have found again they are against.