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The whole country is upset because of Modi: Lalu Yadav

Uttar Pradesh Election 2017: The political war is not only going in Uttar Pradesh, but indirectly also going in Bihar. RJD Chief Interview with ABP says so. He accused the Prime Minister of trying to divide the country on the basis of religion, cast, creed and color.

He accused the PM sole intention was to remain in power and because of which the whole country was upset from him.

Lalu said "Soon after the UP Assembly Election was announced, the PM started to divide the society on the basis of their race, caste, creed and colour."

Recently on Sunday, the PM while addressing a rally in UP Fatehpur, said, "In a village, if a cemetery can be constructed, so should a cremation ground And If electricity is supplied during Ramzan, so electricity should also be supplied during Diwali as well. There should not be any discrimination on the basis of religion and caste."

PM Modi said the exile of development must end in Uttar Pradesh, while appealing the people to cast their vote for a government which ensures safety in the state.

"Vikas ka vanvaas' in Uttar Pradesh must end now. The country is moving ahead at fast pace and so must Uttar Pradesh," he PM.

Lalu to a news channel ABP said that he would be campaigning for Sonia Gandhi who is not been keeping well.