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There will be earthquake if I speak: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi: The Congress vice-president said that the government is not letting him speak in parliament because they know that, “if they allow Him to speak in parliament, Earthquake will come in government." Watch the full Video below.

Rahul Quotes:

  1. If I speak on demonetisation then earthquake will come
  2. Modi ji will not be able to sit in the Rajya sabha
  3. Doodh ka pani.. doodh ka doodh aur pani ka pani ho jayega
  4. Pm come and talk in the parliament, all country will come to know what is demonetisation and who got benefitted, who is getting helped, who is getting loss and why this has been done.
  5. According the Rahul this is the biggest scam of India and history and I will speak all about this in the parliament and modi jee will not be able to sit.

It will be intresting to see in the coming days when rahul takes up this issue of demonetisation in the parliament.