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TN new political Zero to hero O Paneerselvam Little known facts

Tamil Nadu, O Paneerselvam the three time CM: often considered as the backstage and temporary CM candidate by the people of Tamil Nadu and by other people outside the state even. Finally revolted and came out of the darkness created by none other but himself.

Soon after V.K Sasikala was elevated for the post of the CM and it was obvious that she would take over as the next CM of Tamil Nadu. Everyone has just thought there would be no challenge for the throne, to the chair of Chief Minister and this would be very easy for Sasikala, until O Paneerselvam challenged her.

Amma's soul told me to inform this to the people of the state, O Pannerselvam

O Paneerselvam sent shockwaves across the state and country when he openly opposed the Sasikala from the CM post and stood once again to give her a fight for the post of the CM. He became the hero immediately after.

Zero 1: Time when former Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam bending down and touching the ground to take Jayalalithaa's blessings, not once but twice. But what is strange is that the AIADMK supremo Late J Jayalalithaa, seated in a car, and Panneerselvam is seen touching the ground standing beside the car. According to the video that went viral, the incident happened in Chennai's Thiruvottiyur last week.

Zero 2:  Tearful Panneerselvam takes oath as Tamil Nadu CM - Dinamalar Sep 29th 2014 Tamil Video News


Tracing Panneerselvam journey from 1977

He first joined the AIADMK and started as a representative of the 18th ward of Periakulam Nagar’s party unit.

In subsequent years he went on to lead the local youth wing and finally in 2000, he became the Secretary of the Theni party unit.

In 2001, he was first elected the MLA of Periakulam.

But perhaps the best characterization of OPS comes from this quote by Jayalalithaa herself – When Lord Ram was sent into exile and wasn’t able to sit on the throne, the kingdom was given to Bharath. But Bharath refused to sit on Ram’s throne. When Ram came back from exile, Bharath gave the kingdom and throne back safely to Ram.

This of course refers to Paneerselvam’s two stints as Chief Minister, who was always handpicked by Jayalalithaa as a front while she called the shots from behind the scenes.

The loyalty of course remains unwavering to this day, as OPS never failed to invoke Amma in all of his speeches. But choosing to be a low profile leader, not much else is known about his background. Tamil Glitz provides some basic information about OPS in this video.

As per Ayupp.com, Just like other people O Pannerselvam  as well started his political career as a worker of the then united DMK in 1969 at the age of 18. From the basic root level he started out as a young ground level party worker, he worked hard like other party members who worked at the booth level for municipal and legislative assembly elections, and made his way up the Poliical Party.

O Pannerselvam, part time Chief minister Tamil Nadu and AIADMK

M.G. Ramachandran split from the DMK in 1973 and later he joined the AIADMK. Pammerselva was among the first generations of party workers who split to found AIADMK and is thus he is one of the founding member of the AIADMK.   

O Panneerselvam is the eldest son of a farmer and money lender called Ottakara Thevar, O Paneerselvam (OPS) built on his father’s goodwill and wealth, and made a name for himself locally in the early stage of his life.

Ottakara Thevar’s (Paneerselvam’s father) benevolent money lending touched the Muslim community in the area. Even today Muslim families say they owe debt of gratitude to the Thevar family.

The goodwill from father to son passed on automatically to the eldest son Pannerselvam, who took over from his father and expanded the wealth in the 1970s and ’80s.

Paneerselvam  has good farmland, he started a large dairy farm with a number of cows, naming it Thaai Mookambigai Pal Pannai and mostly having Indian breeds.

Following his father’s death, all of these properties were divided among the brothers and O Paneerselvam (OPS), who went on to join the AIADMK.

Loyality is not build in a day:

As per Scroll, During the election soon after MGR’s death, Paneerselvam  was said to have quietly worked against late J Jayalalithaa by supporting the candidate who was fielded against her by the rival faction.

Initially he was caught on the wrong side of the fence in 1987 when MGR died.

When AIADMK split into two factions, one headed by MGR’s wife Janaki Ramachandran and the other led by the Late J Jayalalithaa.

O Paneerselvam , was loyal to Janaki initially but soon switched sides when it became evident that Jayalalithaa would take over MGR’s mantle.

He said that his good work during the Vardah cyclone which created havoc in the city and his prompt handling of the Jallikattu issue irritated Sasikala.


All in all I would only tell is hero are made over time not built in a single day and O Paneerselvam has all the quality to lead the Tamil Nadu politics as a CM. Many of the peoples in Chennai have come in open support of O Paneerselvam. From

Highlight of the story is this: Tamil Nadu has a new, unusual political star – The Hero who is now truly representing the Tamilans and who is the top choice of the Peoples sentiments especially after the death of late j Jayalalithaa.