Sunny Leone Moradabad
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truth behind sunny Leone Moradabad election

UP elections, Moradabad – Elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP) is going to start from 11th Feb to March 8th.  Each party is busy in promoting their candidates. Fake image was circulated on social media about her participation in election from Moradabad.   Someone had posted a pic Film start Sunny Leone by editing it without her permission. It had mentioned in the ad that she will be contesting as independent candidate.

The ad mentions that “She takes care of old and also kids. She is favourite and most famous candidate. Give your important vote to Smt. Sunny Leone, and make her winner”.

Unbelievable!! People do anything to promote fake news on internet. This news has been circulating the social media. If you come around the comments section then you will notice that people had already started believing this news and wanted to vote for her. They have also started to think if really she is contesting then what would be her strategy and plan. Which party will she give her independent support.

Alone in Moradabad there are 6 seats. But the post doesn’t mention about that from which seat she is going to contest.

Legal Issues –

As per the constitution of India. Only India citizen can contest for election in India. And Sunny is not an Indian citizen. She was born in Canada. She is having only Indian origin as her parents stay here. So legally she is not eligible to contest election.