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Understanding the mind of navjot Singh Sidhu

India, Punjab, The cricketer turned, former BJP MP Politician, today announced to not to float a party to contest the upcoming Punjab Assembly election, as he does not wish to divide the anti-incumbency votes in Punjab.

Only sometimes back he launched Aawaaz-e-Punjab and now he says that they have decided against forming a political party as it is too short a time to prepare for polls, but added that they are open to “alliance” for betterment of Punjab.

So the question is what has changed in this short span of time, which he thinks the anti incumbency votes are going to.

We all know Sidhu is not the great supporter of the congress party. So for him joining the congress party in any way is not much possible. Apart from this the only party which soothes him is the AAP.

If we see the current anti incumbency surely he is saying that the people are going to vote for AAP. IT is the party which has jumped into this election and at any point Mr. Sidhu participates the election it is surely going to harm the AAP party prospects in the Punjab election. Sometime back there were chances of him joining the Arvind Kejriwal lead AAM Aadmi party. So has something happened between him and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for him not fighting this election?

If Sidhu does not fight this election from the front Sucha Singh Chhotepur and Pargat Singh will not make much difference to the electoral votes. We all know in politics it matters mostly just before the election what the party has to offer, people forget the old mistakes and promises done by a Party.

So in case Sidhu is not participating the election surely it is going to help the AAP, whom Sidhu once said that Mr. Kejriwal wants him as a mascot for this election and not fighting the election, is he doing the same what was asked by Kejriwal.