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UP Elections 2017, Congress deceived by Samajwadi party

UP Elections 2017, Seat sharing: The alliance between congress and Samajwadi party looks like to be making some more noise before it is finalized. As per the latest information the much hyped alliance between the congress and the Samajwadi looks to be in trouble after the Samajwadi party offered around 50 to 70 seats in the current poll bound state of UP.

The congress party feels deceived by SP’s decision to contest seats which the Congress wrested in 2012 assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Congress party senior spokesma, Ajay Maken, described the decision as unfortunate. He said the was not expecting this and it was a surprise for the congress party itself.

As per DNA report the furious Rahul Gandhi went into huddle with senior Congress leaders. Now the congress leadership wants to go with the Alliance only if the current terms and conditions are met. The alliance looks into trouble, but not yet confirmed whether alliance will be done.

As per sources if Congress is gets less than 100 seats then it would go all alone in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, but still politics is all about personification and hype. Chances are this things are still part of some drama just before the elections. Rahul Gandhi extremely keen to have anti-BJP alliance in UP. But with around 70 seats offered to it, the choice is limited for the party.