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UP elections: Shoot at the moon, if you miss you will surely land at some star is this Mulayam Singh doing

There is a famous quote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” And seeing the present crisis erupting from the Uttar Pradesh, surely it looks like Mulayam Singh is taking a big gambit by appointing Amar Singh as party's national general secretary.

Once removed from the party from all post and after 6 years back to the Samajwadi party. Amar Singh is back with a bang. Mulayam said in a handwritten letter to Amar Singh, "You have been appointed general secretary of Samajwadi Party. I hope in the coming days you will strengthen the party in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections,"

Apparently labeled as a outsider

Akhilesh, who was fierce for some days, busy in firing people and being in more media limelight looks to be at peace this days after having discussion Mulayam in his tussle with Shivpal. Recently He had to restore all but one of those ministries. Incidentally, Shivpal’s closeness with Amar Singh was one of the things which had ticked off the chief minister.

During the feud between Shivpal and Akhilesh, Amar Singh was seen as the one who had engineered it. Akhilesh, while apparently referring to Amar Singh, had recently said that "people from outside the household" keep interfering in the Samajwadi Party's affairs.

It was Amar Singh who transformed the party in 196, when he brought glamour, political connections, Bollywood, network with big industrial houses and bling with him to the party. He managed to change the basic image of the party. Mulayam Singh has also directly or indirectly played a big role in the clash between the brother and his son fight. Instead of him joining uch in the clash. Now amar Singh will be taking more of the front seat.

2019, is coming near and again a national election for the Prime Minister’s post, is this what Mulayam singh is considering. He don’t seems to be much interested in the state election rather looks like more in having the PM’s chair in Mind. Amar singh has once done it for him, by bringing the party to the national scene and again and it is assumed that this time as well he will help him reliaze the goal of leading the nation.