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Muzzaffarnagar: In a yet another grievous and shameful incident, a hostel warden stripped naked as many as 70 school girls to check for menstrual blood. The incident happened in Kasturba Gandhi Girls Residential School at Digri village in Muzzaffarnagar.  The warden was reportedly furious on seeing a few specs of blood on the bathroom floor.

Explaining the humiliating incident, one of the students said, "There was no teacher around. We were called downstairs (from the hostel). Madam made us to take off our clothes saying she will beat us if we did not. We are kids, what could we do? She would have beaten us had we not obeyed her."

District education officer Chandrakesh Yadav has said that according to a complaint filed by the parents of the victimized students the warden rounded the girls up and ordered them to strip failing which, they were they were threatened them with a beating. The warden allegedly physically checked and forced the girls to sit in the bathroom without clothes. "We have taken prompt action. A five-member team has been formed. They are investigating the case and the warden will be removed soon. There is zero tolerance towards such acts," said Yadav. All the girls were between 8 to 12 years of age.

The warden, however, denied the allegation saying, ““Nothing of the sort happened. Some blood was found on the floor and wall of the bathroom. I wanted to check if everything was all right with the girls. Such young girls are sometimes unable to express… I just asked them if anything was wrong.” According to her, the girls are conspiring against her as they do not like her as she is strict. She also accused other school staff of provoking the girls against her.

The state government has ordered an investigation and the warden has been suspended.

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