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Union Ministers Bansal and Ashwani, Ashwani kumar resign, kumar Baansal resigns.

Bansal, Ashwani kumar resign

New Delhi: Under fire Union ministers Ashwani Kumar and Pawan Kumar Bansal resigned from their posts on Friday evening. Reportedly, they have sent thier resignation to the Prime Minister.

Both ministers have submited thier resignation under huge pressure to the President Pranav Mukharjee on Friday night.

Bansal, accused in a railway jobs-for-cash scandal, confermed his resignation. The minister’s nephew Vijay Singla has been arested for allegedly trying to fix the promotion for a member in a railway board. The agency shortlisted 500 phonecalls for scrutiny. These were mainly among four accused persons.

CBI claims Manjunath, MD of GG Tronics, a Bangalore company, used to deliver the bribe money to Vijay Singla, Bansal’s nephew, in Chandigarh.

Law minister Ashwani  Kumar was under fire from the opposition after the supreme court came down heavily on the CBI for allowing the law ministery to vet the draft of CBI probe report on coalgate.

Some congress  members said labour minister Mallikarjun Kharge may take charge of the rail ministry in place of Bansal. opposition parties let up thier demands for the resignation of the prime minister Manmohan singh.

The exits of two ministers definitly weakend the Prime Minister, said analysts. To be sure party can choose the opposition of early election-may be later in 2013-but extreme curruption and effort to cover it up, doesn’t provide a condusive environment for that.