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Uri terrorist Attack: Dear Indian Government please respond this time and keep the media out of this

India, The provocative attack on the infantry battalion at Uri in baramulla got bigger till date by the Pakistan sponsored terrorist, which claimed 17 lives. Remember this is the biggest attack on the Indian soldiers till date. By attacking the terrorist simply mean to say to India, that we will do it again and again and show us your guts.

Early on the day today the Home Minister Rajnath Singh directly attacked Pakistan saying it was a "terrorist state" and should be isolated. Pakistan army spokesman Lt Gen Asim Saleem Bajwa said that following the attack Director General of Military Operation (DGMO) of the two countries discussed the situation along the Line of Control through hotline."Refuting the unfounded and pre-mature Indian allegation, Pakistani DGMO asked his counterpart to share any actionable intelligence,"

The Indian government has to respond now, as if it does not do so they are going to come back with bigger attack on us. This has no more remained a terror attack but something like a mini war on India and like it has always have been Pakistan is never going to accept this. Being aggressive towards Pakistan is not helping us either. From the last few terror attacks,  India has been more aggressive in words, but this has not changed the ground realities a at all. As per the media reports, infiltrations bids have increased – 90 till June end this year compared to 29 the corresponding period last year and attacks on security personnel have been more daring.

Exposing Pakistan to the outside world will gradually do much less damage to Pakistan then what they are doing to us now, by indulging on a proxy war on us. Remember every country has its own problem and to a certain extent. Countries like USA and china have there selfice interest on us in all the way, whether it be geographically or politically and Pakistan knows this well.

This is the right time for the Indian government to go on a full attack, beyond normal response as it has been doing earlier. It has always been blaming Pakistan, now what’s next. You have always been saying beware, stop and stop but the Pakistan sponsored terrorist are coming back and again, please do something as of now otherwise we will look miserable. The war option may be the one but it’s never an easy one. Hot-pursuit could be a consideration. Whatever it is, the response has to be tough, tactically sound and finally, effective.

Follow a course of action and don’t let be intimidated by the media as you were supported by the people of India in full majority to take decisions.