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Venda, in Tamil which means keep the change, says Smiriti Irani in this viral video

Coimbatore, Smriti Irani: The well known face of the BJP government, Smriti Irani on Saturday generously paid Rs 100 as a quick shoe fix-up in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

As the quote above mentioned simple things, 100 it not much just the simplicity which we can also intact in our lives. We all earn but how often we thing of giving a single Rs to someone who need around our society.

Shw was supposed to pay Rs 10 to the cobbler as she stopped for the stitch-up but asked him to keep the change. As the incident came to light, it went viral on social media. Irani was visiting the city to address a session at Isha Foundation.

A strap on her sandals had snapped which made her visit the cobbler. She paid the man near Perur Rs 100 for fixing her sandal while on her way to the foundation.

She was accompanied by the BJP general secretary, Vanathi Srinivasan. Irani sat by the cobbler till he finished stitching up the strap of her sandals. As the cobbler finished up, the minister paid him and said 'Venda' in Tamil which means keep the change.