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New Delhi, April 13: Now a days it has become a common fashion among the news anchors to misbehave with the participants of the show. It is common that they will first call the people on the show to talk on something and then try to dominate over them.

The fashion was started by Arnab Goswami and now being slowly followed by other news anchors as well.

Latest in the trend is that of Nagendra Singh Tomar and Rahul  Kanwal. Tomar is the head of Hindu Yuva Vahini, who was called in the India Today studio for the debate. He became so furious over the show that Nagendra has to move out of the show. As can be clearly seen in the video Rahul Kanwal  is trying to dominated over Nagendra Singh Tomar  and later became so furious that he forgot all the limitations and forced Nagendra  to move out of the show.

In a debate it is common that one can be in the favour of something and the other can be against, however the news anchor doesn’t seem to follow his limitation and tried to dominate over the Nagendra.

The debate got so heated up that anger were visible on both sides. The show anchor shouted out his words and said, ‘Who are you guys, who are peeping in someone’s bedroom?. Latter the arrogant Anchor rahul kanwal throws out the hindu vahini head out of the show.

Watch the debate here.

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