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Video Delhi, Mother throws her 2 Year Old Child down Stairs

New Delhi Video In a shocking video from New Delhi a 26 years old women, Sonu Gupta threw her two-year-old son down the stairs after a fight with in-laws.

The recording has been captured on the camera, but no arrest has been yet made. In extremely disturbing on camera recording footage which came from a home in New Delhi it can be seen  Sonu Gupta the accursed, who has been charged with attempted murder of her child in a complaint by her husband Nitin Gupta, a businessman.

The child, Names Anshu, has suffered face and head injuries and is currently being treated at the AIIMS hospital.

Her crime was recorded on two cameras which the Gupta family says they had installed at their home in southeast Delhi to have a proof of her alleged wild and dangerous behavior. The incident took place last Saturday however the family complained on Tuesday.

In the visuals, Sonu Gupta is seen agitated and shouting and latter she picks up the child sleeping next to her on the bed and rushes to the door. She is seen throwing the child down the stairs in the middle of her screaming. The grandparents then run for the two years old child.

Nitin Gupta owns a cosmetic shop and married to Sonu five years ago.  

The police are still verifying the family's allegations.