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Video Fact check Why SP MP Naresh Agrawal apologized, insults Ram

New Delhi: SP leader and MP Naresh Agrawal apologized for the controversial statement after insulting Shri Ram, the most loved Hindu god.

Earlier In the Rajya Sabha, there was a furor on the statement of Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agrawal. The ruckus soared so much that the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman had to adjourn the proceedings for a while. Naresh Agarwal said such a thing about which BJP alleged that it has insulted Hindu deities.

The Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha expelled Naresh Agrawal's statement from the proceedings. While BJP continued to demand get apology from Naresh Agrawal.

Watch Naresh Agrawal statement

According to media sources, in the Rajya Sabha, SP leader Naresh Agrawal said that many Ram bhakt went to jail during the Ram Janmabhoomi andolan in 1991. At that time many schools had been made a temporary prison. He was also in such a jail. They saw two lines written by Ram Bhakts on the wall there. He told those two lines to the House. Among them were controversial words about Hindu deity and god Sri Ram.

Because of the quotes he heard were taken strictly inside the house by the ruling party, because of which he was made to apologize, he did not expected that this things will go out of his control. Members of the BJP started demanding apology from him. The insult of Sri Ram, will not be taken by hindustan. Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley and Ananth Kumar said that you could have an FIR for such language outside the House. Arun Jaitley also said If he had said the same thing for any other language then he must have faced a huge consequence till now.

Later, Naresh Agrawal expressed regret. However, Naresh Agrawal said that he did not say anything on his behalf. I had only chanted a slogan on the wall, which had objection to the people of the ruling party. After expressing regret for Naresh Agarwal, the noise in the House stopped and the proceedings started running smoothly.