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Video: Kejriwal’s Elected MLA beat another MLA in Delhi Assembly

New Delhi: In an embarrassing incident that came to light in the Delhi Assembly on Wednesday. Arvind Kejriwal’s MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) strike upon their former Delhi government minister Kapil Mishra. The AAP MLAs surrounded Kapil Mishra and tried to suppress her throat. In the footage it can be clearly seen that a dozen of MLAs surrounding and beating Kapil Mishra. After the ruckus, Marshal expelled Kapil from the house.

It is such an embarrassing situation for any citizen of a country when such a incident happens in a parliament and that also so openly. The best thing is there is no outcome of such things; no proper action is often visible.

Kapil came out and told the media persons, "I had written a letter to the Speaker of the Delhi Assembly against the corruption of Arvind Kejriwal. I was not allowed to speak in the house, so I demanded a special session on Ramlila grounds. I was waiting that I would get a chance to speak.

Four or five MLAs started beating me among them were Madan Lal and Jarnail Singh. This must have happened for the first time that a MLA has been beaten inside the house. All these proofs will now be placed on the 3rd date in the Constituency Club before the public. Arvind Kejriwal was laughing in the house. When Marshall was taking me away, some of them hit me from behind. "

Further attacking on Arvind Kejriwal, Kapil said, "Arvind Kejriwal and Satyendra Jain, your corruption has been opened. Today, the documents of Satyendra Jain's Anonymous property, to give a position to the daughter, 300 million medicine scam cases are in front. And they are laughing. The people of Delhi will not forgive them and Kapil Mishra will not give up, send as many goons, I will expose all the secrets. "