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Video PM Modi addresses public rally in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh

Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed huge public meeting in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.  Modi paid tributes to Shivaji Maharaj on his birth anniversary.

Modi recalled Sardar Patel’s contribution in uniting India and said, “Would like to recall Sardar Sahab. Had the previous governments implemented his guidelines, fate of our country would have been different.”

Modi opined that for the development of Uttar Pradesh, parties like SP, BSP and Congress must be removed from the state. He added, “Vanvaas of Vikas in Uttar Pradesh must end now. The country is moving ahead at fast pace & so must Uttar Pradesh.”

Taking a dig at the SP-Congress alliance in Uttar Pradesh  Modi said, “Congress & SP, who used to blame & allege each other joined hands. They are well aware that their parties won't be able to survive.” He further added, “SP did not respect ideals of Ram Manohar Lohia ji by allying with the Congress.”

PM Modi questioned the present SP Govt about the law and order situation in the state.  He said, “Why the policing system is so inefficient in UP? Why are complaints not registered?

What work culture is it? Cases are registered after Supreme Court intervenes!” He further said, “SP is least concerned about improving law & order situation in UP. Urge people to elect a government that would ensure safety of people.”

Prime Minister Modi said that the BJP was committed towards the empowerment of poor.  Modi remarked, “Our Government is for the welfare of poor, the underprivileged & the farmers.”

Attacking the Congress party, the PM said, “Congress confused people over giving 9/12 cylinders. I appealed to people to give up subsidy so that poor benefits & several gave it up.” He further said, “We want to provide free gas connections to rural households. We want them to have access to clean fuel.”

 Modi spoke at length about neem coating of urea and how it had benefitted several farmers. “There was a time when farmers had to face hurdles to get urea. We neem coated urea & stopped its black marketing,” remarked PM Modi.

He further mentioned that government has eliminated interviews for jobs for grade 3 and 4 to reduce corruption, “Why is it that for securing jobs, one has to bribe? This must end. Youth should get jobs on the basis of their merits.”

PM opined that the discrimination on the basis of caste and religion must end. He said, “We believe in Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas. We do not believe in benefiting people on the grounds of caste & religion.”

PM Modi said that his fight against corruption would not come to an end.  He further stated, “Those who have looted the country for 70 years won't go unpunished. My fight is for protecting the poor & the honest citizens.”

 Modi urged people to change the govt and to vote for BJP. Several party karyakartas attended the event.