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Viral full video of girl being pulled down into water by sea lion

VANCOUVER— A video going viral on social media of a girl being pulled down into the water by a sea lion, initially the incident was very horrific, but somehow a person standing next to the girl jumped and saved the girl from being drowned.

"I was just in shock and didn't know what to do at first said," Michael Fujiwara a day after he shot the video on Saturday that shows the sea lion jump up and grab the little girl's in white dress and pull her down into the water at the Steveston Wharf in Richmond, B.C.

Fujiwara, said he believes the man is the girl's grandfather, and he grabbed both of their hands to help pull them back up to the dock.

It can be seen in the video the people there were feeding the sea lion with breads, which made the sea lion come more close to the people.

"All thought it was super friendly creature, but soon the girl decided to sit on the side of the dock and that was when the sea lion decided to jump up the dock and drag her into the water," Fujiwara said.

The family was shaken by the incident and immediately left the area.

The video posted online Saturday and by Sunday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 2.6 million on YouTube, and being shared more than 700 times on Twitter.