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Watch Original Video of Modi, he gives reason of opposing GST

New Delhi: Modi Government has succeeded in implementing GST in India on first of July. Goods and Services Tax has been implemented in India since July 1. But the Congress is not digesting this thing. Because when the Congress was in the government, they also insisted on bringing GST. But with time, GST went to the cold shelter. In the Congress government, BJP also opposed GST. But as soon as the BJP implemented GST, Congress made such a move against Modi which started discussing everywhere.

The Congress made a video of Modi viral in which he is opposing GST. After seeing that on the social media, people have started talking against the Modi government. The video that the Congress made viral is of 14 seconds. But actually this video is 3 minutes. In which they were told the reason for non-implementation of the GST then, but the Congress probably heard it only this much that Modi is opposing the GST at that time, they did not hear the clarification given by Modi.

Posted this video with #GSTTamasha hashtag, it was posted from Congress's Twitter account that how often Modi forgets his own words, why was he implementing GST without any infrastructure?

Below is the entire video of Narendra Modi when he used to be CM of Gujarat. In the video, Modi says, "As far as the Government of Gujarat and BJP are concerned about GST, our stand is quite clear. In relation to GST, we have said that your GST's dream cannot be fulfilled till the time you do not make a network of IT infrastructure with tax payers all over the country; this is the only dream of GST that we cannot implement GST.

It is a simple matter.
He had spoken to the then Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee about the reason for opposing the GST. But Overall Congress cut this video and created 14 seconds and presented it to the people., the Congress's move against PM Modi also got flopped. Now his entire video has arrived on YouTube.Watch original video of Modi below


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