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Watch video of Pakistani soldier falling during beating retreat

New Delhi: During the Beating Retreat Ceremony at Hussainiwala on the border, a Pakistani soldier became so enthusiastic that he could not handle himself. While beating retreat between the crowd of spectators, he fell down apart. Seeing such a situation of Pakistani soldiers, the audience present there started laughing loudly and started hooting Pakistan.

This video of falling into a gathering of Pakistani soldiers has become viral. People are sharing lots of exploitation of Pak Soldier.

It is being told that during the Beating Retreat on Hussainiwala on Sunday evening, Pakistani soldiers slipped and fell. This incident was captured by the people present in the camera. During this time there were a large number of viewers from both the countries of India and Pakistan.

But it was astonishing that after the fall the young soldier did not leave the cremation but rather got up and began to show his gesture in the ceremony in the same way. However he became a laughing stalk of the People laughed at it