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What is the case of Delhi woman making objectionable videos?

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The Delhi Commission for Women has given a complaint to the police against a woman who made and posted videos with her son on Instagram and other social media platforms. The commission says that this dance of the woman with her son is obscene and objectionable, so an FIR should be registered against her.

As can be seen in the video, the woman shamelessly crossed boundaries to gain popularity on social media. In some of the videos that have gone viral, the woman can be seen doing obscene dance and acting along with her own 10-12-year-old son. Taking a strict stand on the objectionable video, the Delhi Commission for Women has sent a notice to the police and asked to register an FIR against the woman.

It said, “सोशल मीडिया पर अपने नाबालिग बेटे के साथ अश्लील वीडियो बनाकर डालने वाली महिला के खिलाफ दिल्ली महिला आयोग की अध्यक्षा @SwatiJaiHind

 ने भेजा पुलिस को नोटिस। वायरल वीडियो में बच्चे से मां द्वारा अश्लील एक्टिंग व डांस करवाया जा।”

The woman has two Instagram accounts. One account belongs to the woman, and the other is of the child with whom she makes the video. On seeing both the Instagram accounts, it is revealed that the child is the son of that woman. There are many videos posted on both accounts. In some, the woman is seen alone, in some with the child. In which she is seen with the child, most of them are seen doing actions on the songs of both the films. The child in the role of hero and the female in the role of heroine. In some of these reels, the child is seen touching the waist of the woman while doing the dance steps, while in some, the woman is seen kissing. People have protested against this.

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