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Why do Shia hates Sunni and Sunni hate Shia around the world and fight each other?

New Delhi: Both believe in one Allah. They both believe that Muhammad to be Allah's last Prophet (Messenger). The Quran is considered a holy book. Both the Shia and Sunni are Muslims. So where is Problem? In spite of all this common things they have common to share? Why are there so many distances in Shia-Sunni, why do they often fight each other?

Islam is one; Pilgrimage (Mecca) is one then why the faction comes up. It was only when Prophet Mohammad left the world and traveled from this world to another. After his death, there was a dispute about who would take over the reins of Islam. Who will lead the Muslims? The Sunnis assumed Abu Bakr, Omar, Usman and then Ali as their Khalifa. While Shia Muslims refused to accept the Khilafat. Shias say that those who became the first three Khalifa were wrongly made. Ali considered the fourth Khalifa of the Sunnis, while Shiite considered his first imam. Imamat took place in Shia instead of Khilafat. And then there were 12 Imams of Shi'a like this. First Ali, then the son of Ali's son, Hassan, third Hussein. Hussein Ali's second son. Sunni also believes them all. But there was a difference between Sunni and Shia in the Khilafat and Imamat dispute. The Muslim population has a large majority Sunni Muslims; the number of Shiites is very small.

Both communities have come together for centuries. Most of the religious beliefs and customs of the two are alike. The festival is also the same. But there are so many struggles from Iran to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon to Syria and Iraq to Pakistan that stress comes in both communities. These political conflicts have deepened the gap between the two communities.

Differences on 'Muharram'

'Muharram' is the Islamic month of Imam Ali's son Hussein's martyrdom. On 10th of this month, Hussein was murdered in Karbala (which is in Iraq). Shia Muslims do mourn over Hussein's martyrdom for what happened to Hussein in Karbala? How their children and their companions were killed, they cry and remember all this. However Sunni does not believe in doing all this.

The reason for Shiite Sunni's differences is that Shia believe that Sunni people have murdered Hussain . While Sunni will say that the Shiites only killed and now they cry themselves.

Sunni says that Shia's crying is wrong. Many times you will find many Sunni people say that the reservation is a kind of idol worship, similar to what Hindus do. On this argument they also say that Shia is half Hindus. While this is not true. This is reason for short knowledge and it is not as if all Sunni believe it. You will find Sunni Muslims joining in Muharram. Who will be mourning?  

Shia celebrates martyrdom for Hussain for two and a half months. During this time they do not wear red, pink, yellow clothes. They do not celebrate happiness. Shia women do not wear any jewellery. There wear very simple dress. Sunni do nothing like that. They are not avoided to stop celebrating their happiness.

Conflict in reading prayers

Bothe communities do prayer they do prayer for five times a day, however there way of doing the prayer is different. Sunni prayers of five times of Namaz in five times. But Shia reads the morning prayers separately. The prayers of midday and third time of the day is read all together at one o'clock, that is in the afternoon. Evening and night prayers read together in the evening. The Sunni says this method is wrong. Whereas Shia argues that, as soon as the afternoon starts the third afternoon starts and when the evening and night starts as well therefore, prayers can be read together.

Sunni Muslims read Namaz by folding hands and Shia Muslims leave hands and read Namaz. The way of reading prayers is also an issue of debate. Which makes a distance between the two communities? Sunni claims that the manner in which they read namaz is the way of reading the prayers of Muhammad. While Shia dismisses it and explains the method of Muhammad Sahib his way.

There is a long debate about the religion between Shia and Sunni. Shia does not believe in Sunni Muslim books. So Sunni Shia does not accept the logic of Muslim books. Arguments and debates are in place but some misunderstandings exist between the two communities. There is a misconception that Shiites spit in food and eat. This misunderstanding has arisen on the argument that has just heard. Hardliner Sunni refrains from eating in Shia's house. False stories have been fabricated about this rumor. While this is not true, it is not true. There are other misconceptions which have just been heard on the argument.

There is also rumor that Sunni are hardcore. However this is also not true.

Why do not both communities marry each other here, still is not understandable by many people?

One of such place like Iraq where the conflict between Sunni and Shia remains a lot.