Accident due to Pothole in Mumbai - Girl looses her life

Image Courtsey - IBTimes India

A women bike rider from Mumbai lost her life due to potholes. She was 36-year-old woman biker and mother of 8 year old boy. She was crumbled to death by a truck on Jawhar-Dahanu road in the Palghar district near Mumbai. The road on which she was riding with her bike was water-logged and had become muddy, filthy and slippery.  As per the news published in Mumbai mid day- when she was trying to overtake truck, due to potholes, her bike skid and she lost balance. She felt in front of truck which ran over her.

According to reports 36-year-old Jagruti Hogale, a resident of suburban Bandra in Mumbai, fell after hitting a pothole on Sunday and was crumbled under the wheel of a passing truck.

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 Jagruti Hogale, a member of the all-women 'Bikerni' motorcycle club, was on a trip with two other bikers to Jawhar in Palghar district when this incident occurred, a police official said. The report said that the, Hogale tried to overtake a truck on the Jawhar-Dahanu road around 9 AM but her bike landed in a pothole, throwing her off. She was then crumbled under the wheels of the truck. She was rushed to a hospital where she was declared dead.

Maharashtra Public Works Minister Chandrakant Patil has given below statement to media - "The road on which she was riding was water-logged and had become muddy and slippery. Her motorcycle slipped and she fell down. A truck which was behind hit her, killing her instantly. The accident did not take place due to potholes”. Read the complete report published in NDTV.  

An accident death report has been registered and the truck driver has been arrested. Driver has been arrested under the IPC sections 304-A (causing death by negligence) which carries a punishment of two years in jail, and 279 (rash driving and riding on a public way).

Message from Bikernis

I beg you to not do any rallies or awareness movements and create more hype on the media.

Give the family time to recover and not be hounded by more announcements over media. It's great if you want to do a tribute for her but would request it to be done privately without pushing it out on social media and print and tv media. LETS NOT USE JAGRUTI'S NAME TO START A SOCIAL CAMPAIGN with HASHTAGS INCLUDED. Thank you.

Jagruti won't he coming back by assembling media and riding to an office to protest. Please, she was our dear friend and a wife, a mother and loved by all. Please do not cause us pain. Please DO let anyone who wants to start a petition, raise a rally or awareness campaign at this moment know this. It's been two days let's not traumatize the family further.

Rome wasn't built in a day, please please give the family some space, some privacy and some time to recover.

 It's not about using her name or our name, if you have some empathy, please give us some time.



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