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World Bank Ease of Doing Business, Govt to implement 4 labour codes by December

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New Delhi:  This information has been given by Union Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar. Significantly, three Labour Code Bills were recently passed in Parliament. These include the Code of Industrial Relations, the Social Security Code and the Occupational Safety, Health and Work Status Code. The implementation of these labour codes will complete the last phase of reforms in the labour sector.

Apart from these three Labour Code Bills passed in the recently concluded Parliament session, the fourth Labour Bill is the Pay Code Bill, which was passed in Parliament last year. However, the implementation of this bill was put on hold. Now the Ministry of Labour is preparing to implement these four codes simultaneously. These four codes are interlinked.

Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar said, "The central government is striving to implement these four labour codes simultaneously by December to complete labour reforms." The draft rules on Industrial Relations Code, Social Security Code and Occupational Safety, Health and Work Status Code can be released in the first week of November. The Ministry is preparing to finalize and implement the rules of the Pay Code along with these three codes by December.

These four labour laws will lead to complete labour reforms. The government wants to bring the country to the top-10 in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Rankings by completing labour reforms. India has risen 14 places in this ranking to 63rd position this year. Improvements in this ranking encourage investment and generate jobs.

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