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Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that the state government is committed to providing complete security to women and girls as well as their commitment to social and economic empowerment. No society can develop without the contribution of women's. In view of this, many effective steps have been taken by the state government, such as the Anti-Romeo squad. A society honoring women can only make progress. The State Government is completely serious to make women self-reliant and provide them safe and secure environment in the state.

Mukhbir Yojana: The CM launched Mukbir yojna In order to stop Female feticide and 181 women’s helpline rescue vehicle. He said that any nation can prosper only when the participation of both men and women is ensured in the society. The women helpline '181' is being operated by the state government through the Centralized Call Centers located in Lucknow. This is a toll-free number, which will be available for 24 hours. He said that any victim or girl can get help from this number. Consultation is provided to the person as soon as the call is received on the '181' female helpline.

181 Helpline team ready to help: Yogi Adityanath, womens calling the '181' helpline number, will provided help with the nearest available rescue van. In this van, a trained female counsel, along with a women's police reserve, is also stationed, who also works to protect and counsel the victims against any conditions. He said that presently 181 women helpline and rescue van are being operated in 11 districts. Rescue van service has been extended for the remaining 64 districts of the state today. Now this service has covered all the districts of the state.

Lucknow call center seating capacity increased from 6 to 30: Ability to operate centralized Call Center in Lucknow which has earlier capacity of 6, has been increased to 30, this has been done because the number of call coming from the state is more on this number. He said that the decreasing sex ratio is a burning problem of society today. In view of this, Mukhbir Jojana has been launched by the state government. Public awareness and law are required to prevent decreasing sex ratio. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has run beti bachao beti padhao yojana  to eliminate discrimination on daughters and to give daughters their right.
Mukhbir Yojana to stop feticide: The Chief Minister said that to stop feticide, the task of preventing girl feticide is not possible without public support. For this, the state government has started Mukhbir Yojana. Investigation will be done on persons, centers, Institution or any who after sex determination and gender selection are involved in the female feticide. Through this scheme, information related to feticide will be obtained confidentially from the public. Action against such persons and institutions will be taken to bring them under the clutches of the law. He said that due to the cooperation of the common people in Mukhbir Yojana, there will be fear among the practitioners, who commit the fetus even before the daughter is born. Effective implementation of this plan will prevent effective falling sex ratio. He said that in some districts of the state, sex ratio is very low, but there should be a public awareness campaign through short films, short plays, seminars etc.

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