10 lakh youths of Bihar will be given jobs with the first pen in the first cabinet

Patna: Leader of Opposition in Bihar Assembly Election Tejashwi Yadav has played a big bet. In order to woo the youth, he has announced that if his government is formed then in the first cabinet meeting itself, the first decision will be taken on the employment of 10 lakh people in the state. He has tweeted, "In the first cabinet, with the first pen, 10 lakh youths of Bihar will be given jobs .. Bihar already has 4 lakh 50 thousand vacancies .. Education, Health, Home Department and other departments including national average standards According to Bihar 5 lakh 50 thousand appointments are very much needed now. "

At a press conference in Patna on Sunday, Tejashwi said that to date 9 lakh 47 thousand 324 unemployed youth and 13 lakh 11 thousand 626 people have missed call on the toll-free number on the unemployment removal portal launched by RJD on 5 September last. That is a total of 22 lakh 58 thousand 950 people have registered so far. According to him, there are already 4 lakh 50 thousand vacancies in Bihar. According to the national average and set standards in education, health, home department, and other departments, there is still a great need of 5 lakh 50 thousand appointments in Bihar.

He said that Bihar is at the bottom of the standard as set by the Ministry of Health. The population of Bihar is approximately 12.5 million. According to the WHO's health standard, there should be one doctor per 1000 population, but in Bihar, there is one doctor per 17 thousand population. Accordingly, one lakh of twenty-five thousand doctors are needed in Bihar. Support staff like nurses, lab technicians, pharmacists are needed in the same proportion. Only two and a half million people are needed in the Health Department itself.

More than 50 thousand posts of police personnel are vacant in the state. This is when the police-public ratio in Bihar has reached the lowest level, there are only 77 policemen per one lakh population, whereas in a state like Manipur, the number of policemen is more than one thousand per one lakh population. . The national average is 144 policemen per one lakh population. The total strength of policemen in Bihar is 1.26 lakh, but at present, the state is considered to be so big and considered to be serious from crime in respect of only 77 thousand working police personnel. He said that at present there are about 50 thousand vacancies in the police department. Even from the national average, 1.72 lakh policemen are needed in Bihar. Despite this, inattention to the appointment of policemen continues and to date, the process of restoration has not started.

Tejaswi said, 3 lakh teachers are needed in the education sector. The posts of more than 2.5 lakh permanent teachers are vacant at the primary and secondary levels. About 50 thousand professors are required at the college and university level. There are about 35 thousand such schools in Bihar which have only one teacher. There are 67.94 percent primary schools in Bihar where the student-teacher ratio is unacceptable. The condition of the schools above it is worse. In 77.86 percent of secondary schools, the student to teacher ratio is in the absolutely objectionable state.

Leader Pratipaksh said that 66% of junior engineer posts are vacant in the state. About 75 thousand engineers are needed in road construction, water resources, building construction, power department, and other engineering departments. Apart from this, about 2 lakh posts of clerks, assistants, peons, and other classes need to be filled so that the work can run smoothly and the work can be perfected and quality. He said that the first priority of our government will be to create new jobs along with vacancies. We are committed to this. In our first cabinet meeting, an exercise to fill these posts will begin, advertisements will be taken out and appointments will be made within a fixed time frame.

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