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The NDA government of India has come up with an initiative for the upcoming 48 months. It has published an info-graph in all the sub-section of the government to show this initiative.

  1. Accelerating Port-led Development


  1. Jal Shakti for Rashtra Nirman



  1. Jai Vigyaan



  1. New Might of a New India



  1. Protecting Motherland with Full Might



  1. India leads the Fight Against Climate Change



  1. Yoga goes Global



  1. India becomes the Global Growth Engine



  1. Connecting Young India to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar



  1. India Transforms, the World Applauds



  1. India Transforms, the World Applauds



  1. India: A Leading Mobile Manufacturing Hub



  1. Highest Trust in Government, Higher Tax Compliance



  1. Fuelling MSMEs, the Nation’s Growth Engine



  1. Leaving No Stone Unturned for Justice



  1. Setting the stage for Social Empowerment



  1. Promoting Entrepreneurship for Socio-Economic Empowerment



  1. Shikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat



  1. Achieving Universal Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities



  1. Ease of Compliance Ensuring Labour Welfare

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