Andhra Pradesh woman builds temple for deceased husband, worships his idol

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Image source: Twitter

Hyderabad: There are many stories of true love and here is another one from Andhra Pradesh where a woman has a built a temple for his deceased husband and worships the idol everyday in memory of him.

According to multiple media reports, the temple has been built in the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh.

The woman who has built the temple is Padmavathi. Her husband Ankireddy had passed away in an accident four years ago.

When asked for the reason for building the temple, Padmavathi was quoted as saying in the media that after his death, Ankireddy came in her dreams and asked her to build a temple for him. And she obliged.

Padmavathi installed a marble idol of her late husband and worships it daily. After marriage, she considered her husband as a God, and hence she continues to worship him even after this death.

She told the media that on Ankireddy’s birth anniversary there is a special pooja and also on full moon days, free meals are provided to the needy. The temple is looked after by Padmavathi’s son Tirupati Reddy and Shivshankar Reddy, friend of late Ankireddy.

It is worth recalling that a man in Karnataka had installed a statue of his late wife last year. The pictures of the same had gone viral on social media in 2020. Industrialist Shrinivas Gupta had installed the statue of his late wife Madhavi and the pictures were posted on social media when he celebrated his new home’s housewarming ceremony. She had passed away in 2017 in a car accident.

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