Lucknow: Ease of doing business Ranking of States and Union Territories was released today. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has released the annual ranking for the year 2019 regarding the reforms in the state. Andhra Pradesh secured the first position, Uttar Pradesh in the second position, and Telangana in the third place. In 2018 Telangana was in second place. These are followed by Madhya Pradesh (fourth), Jharkhand (fifth), Chhattisgarh (sixth), Himachal Pradesh (seventh), Rajasthan (eighth), West Bengal (ninth), and Gujarat (tenth).  

Another feat has been added to the achievements of the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Sarkar has made a quantum jump in Ease of doing business ranking. According to this, Uttar Pradesh was at number 12 in the Business Reform Action Plan (BRAP) 2017-18 rankings, now it has jumped straight to the number 2 position.

This means that it has become easier to start and carry on business in Uttar Pradesh. A statement issued by the Finance Ministry official said that 'UP has overtaken many leading states like Gujarat, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra in Ease of Doing Business rankings' in BRAP-19 Uttar Pradesh Department for Promotion Implemented 186 out of 187 reforms suggested by the Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT).

Andhra Pradesh wins again

In the Ease of Doing Business ranking, Andhra Pradesh is in the first place for the third consecutive year, Uttar Pradesh in the second place. Telangana is again Madhya Pradesh on the third. UP CM Yogi Adityanath's office wrote on its Twitter handle, 'The state is creating new lines of prosperity and creation under the leadership of CM Yogi Adityanath. According to UP's 'Ease of Doing Business Rankings', achieving second place this year against 12th position last year, this is proof. The concept of 'Self-reliant India' is coming true.

Delhi ranked 12th in this ranking

Delhi is ranked 12th in this ranking. Delhi was ranked 23rd in its previous edition. Gujarat has slipped from fifth place to tenth position. Among the union territories, Assam ranks 20th, Jammu and Kashmir 21st, Goa 24th, Bihar 26th, Kerala 28th, and Tripura at the bottom 36th. Himachal Pradesh has risen 10 places in this ranking. In 2017, it was ranked 17th, while in the ranking of 2019, it has reached 7th position. Uttarakhand has climbed 12 places to 11th from the 23rd position. While Lakshadweep jumped 18 places to 33rd to 15th, Daman & Diu rose from 33rd to 18th position.

The condition of the remaining big states in the ranking

Last time in the ranking, Haryana, which was at number three, slipped to 16th position this time. Madhya Pradesh is fourth, Jharkhand fifth, Chhattisgarh sixth, Himachal Pradesh seventh, Rajasthan eighth, West Bengal ninth, and Gujarat tenth in this list. Delhi is ranked 12th in this. Talking of region-wise rankings, Uttar Pradesh in the north region, Madhya Pradesh in the western region, Jharkhand in the eastern region, Andhra in the southern region, Delhi in the union territories, and Assam in the northeast was the first.

Ease of doing business ranking

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Telangana
  4. Madhya Pradesh
  5. Jharkhand
  6. Chhattisgarh
  7. Himachal Pradesh
  8. Rajasthan
  9. West Bengal
  10. Gujarat

Apart from this, Jammu and Kashmir are at number 21, Goa at 24, Bihar at 26, and Kerala at 28. Tripura is at the bottom at number 36.

In the 2015 rankings, Gujarat was at the top, while Andhra Pradesh was at the second and Telangana in the 13th position. In 2016, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana jointly topped. Andhra Pradesh ranked first in the previous rankings released in July 2018. Telangana was second and Haryana was third. In this year's ranking, Haryana has slipped to 16th position. The objective of this entire process is to increase competition among states so that they can attract domestic as well as foreign investment. This is the fourth edition of this report.

The purpose of releasing the ranking of Ease of Doing Business is to attract investors and improve the business environment in the state. This ranking shows which state is doing a better job to improve trade so that investors are attracted to increase business in those states.

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