Similarity between Sameer Wankhede (Aryan) VS Ravindra Patil (HIt and Run) case

Mumbai: Sameer Wankhede the NCB officer who got the maximum pressure from almost many in the film industry, politicians. When the pressure was not enough the pressure went on to his family itself. He was accused of religious change to fake jobs and lots. Looks like the fight is over for this young NCB official.  After three days of the hearing, the Bombay High Court finally granted bail to Aryan Khan on Thursday (28 October 2021). Actor Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan was arrested on October 3 in the cruise drugs case. It is a strange coincidence that on the same day that Aryan got relief, Sameer Wankhede, Joint Director of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), who carried out the raid on the cruise, also approached the Bombay High Court for interim relief.

In fact, since the matter came to light, Wankhede was being accused one after the other. His family is being dragged into the whole matterControversies are being created about his 'religion'. By the way, this is not happening for the first time in any case related to Bollywood. If you put a little emphasis on the mind, then Constable Ravindra Patil will be remembered. Patil's life was suddenly in turmoil after she testified against actor Salman Khan in the hit-and-run case. He later died in oblivion.

Ravindra Patil was once Salman Khan's bodyguard. But after testifying against the actor in the hit and run case, he lost his job. He finally died of TB in 2007. He was the first person to testify in the court in the ongoing hit and run case against Salman and stick to the same statement till the end.

The story of a bodyguard who died alone, saying it was Salman behind the wheel

Ravindra Patil started working as a constable in Mumbai Police in 1997. He was later selected for the elite commando squad. He was put under the protection of Salman Khan. During this, the case of hit and run came to light in 2002. Patil gave a statement that Salman was driving the vehicle during the accident and he was drinking alcohol at that time. He said that he had told Salman to drive slowly, but he did not listen to him.

A lot happened to Patil after he made a statement against Salman in October 2002. Sometimes he was pressurized to change his statement and sometimes he suddenly disappeared. He received both greed and intimidation. Like Wankhede, Rabindra's family members were also harassed. But even after all the trouble, he never changed his statement.

Despite being the most prominent witness in the hit-and-run case, he was arrested and fired in 2006. Just a year later, his condition became such that he was found on the streets begging. It was extremely difficult for his friends to recognize him. His body had become like a skeleton and his weight was barely 30 kg. The little talk that I was able to talk with friends was also very difficult. After seeing his condition, the doctor also guessed that he was a beggar who had come to the hospital somehow after depositing money.

The life & death of Ravindra Patil

As per Bhaskar, Ravindra died a few days after being admitted to the hospital. When he died, he was not even 30 years old. Reports suggest that Ravindra was suffering from TB 2 years back and was abandoned by his family members. The condition had become such that they had to beg on the streets. Before he died, he told his friend, “I stuck to my statement till my death. But my department did not stand by me. I want my job back. I want to live I want to meet the police commissioner once."

Hit and run case

Salman Khan has been acquitted by the High Court in the hit and run caseThe incident took place on 28 September 2002. Salman Khan's Land Cruiser rammed into American Express bakery. A man named Narulla Sharif, who slept on the footpath, was killed, while Abdul Sheikh, Muslim Sheikh Munnu Khan, Muhammad Kaleem were injured.

People on social media have the same question that if Sameer Wankhede is on the same foot step

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