Fact Check: Aryan Khan urinates at the airport while intoxicated?

News Claim:  These days a video is going viral on social media, in which it is being said that Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan, urinated at the airport in a state of intoxication. The face of the boy seen in the video is not clear but from afar his stature is exactly like that of Shahrukh's son.

Viral on Social Media:  अभी अभी ये वीडियो एक मित्र ने भेजा है, कहा जा रहा है कि वीडियो में दिखाई दे रहा युवक शाहरुख का बेटा आर्यन खान है, और ये हरकत अमेरिका के किसी एयरपोर्ट पर हुई है।

कृपया इस बारे में ज्यादा जानकारी मिले तो जरूर बताएं।

Just now this video has been sent by a friend, it is being said that the young man seen in the video is Shahrukh's son Aryan Khan, and this act has happened at an airport in America.

 Please let me know if you get more information about this.

News Verification: Aryan Khan was in the news recently after he was arrested by the NCB in the drugs case. Similar claims are being made viral through WhatsApp and also from Twitter.

It is being said in the viral message that 'this is the son of a rich father, who, after being in jail for just a few days, the media created such a hue and cry as if there was an emergency in the country. Now see how he is defaming the country by taking drugs. This video is from America 2 years ago, where he urinated at the airport while drunk. Then it was beaten up by the police.

'America makes the father naked and the son himself gets naked' 'Wow hey! America makes the father naked and the son himself gets naked. Share this video further, so that the truth can be known. Now, what exactly is this message? Is the boy in the video really Aryan Khan?

Upon investigation about this video, it was found that both these videos and the claim are completely false and baseless. The Fact Check team of Ayupp checked the veracity of this entire video and it was found that this video is from December 2013.

The incident happened on December 17, 2013, and the person who peed on the floor of an airport was Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier who is well known for his role as a shape-shifting werewolf in the movie franchise ‘The Twilight Saga’

When we found this video on a search engine using 'reverse image search, we found a page on Reddit. On this people were discussing this video. In this video posted 3 years ago, it was written that a man urinated after drinking alcohol at the airport. Some people wrote that he would not be able to control due to intoxication, then some wrote that it is not a crime to be jailed. Some wrote that he was not conscious due to intoxication.

The Twilight Saga series actor Bronson Pelletier And the person seen in the video is not Aryan Khan but actor Bronson Pelletier, who worked in The Twilight Saga series of films, who urinated at the airport in a state of intoxication. The Canadian actor was 35 years old at that time. He was then sent on probation for 2 years. Therefore, this video has nothing to do with Aryan or Shahrukh, the wrong message is being viral to defame them. 

Fact Check: This is not Aryan Khan urinating in public at an airport

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