Astonishing what they did with dead body after taking out of coffin

This shocking incident is from Ecuador in South America. Where a group of friends took out the dead body of their dead partner from the coffin and then went out to ride it on a bike. Many people were surprised to see this sight. There is only one question in everyone's mind that how can someone do such an inhuman act? However, knowing the story behind it, would you say that friends are like this too?

The Daily Mail reported that last week when 21-year-old Eric Sdeno (Erick Cedeno) were going to be involved in a funeral procession, the two attackers had shot dead his alleged.  At that time Eric's friends could not come to his funeral. The deceased loved a bike ride. In such a situation, his comrades took out Eric's body from the coffin and drove it on a bike.

Video went viral on the internet

the video of this incident is going viral on social media. It can be seen that Sadeno's friends take out his body from the wooden coffin, and then make him sit on the bike. Actually, behind the bike rider, a man sits holding the dead body of Sadeno so that he does not fall while riding the motorcycle. After that, they run the bike here and there. Make a fuss. Crowds also gathered to see this sight. The news report claimed that friends also sprinkled alcohol on Sadeno's coffin.

Friends had taken permission from his parents,

reports said that a group of about seven people had taken the body on a bike on the road. Friends said that they had taken permission from Sadeno's parents to bid him a final farewell. But officials have called the incident "outrageous". At the same time, according to local media, this is the first such case in Portoviejo, Manabi province of Ecuador.

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