Big Bonanza for UP Farmers: Rs 25 per Quintal Hike in Sugarcane Purchase Price

Before the expansion of the UP cabinet, the Yogi government has made a big announcement in the interest of farmers. CM Yogi has announced to increase the sugarcane price by Rs 25 per quintal. CM Yogi said that sugarcane costing Rs 315 will now be given Rs 340 per quintal, while sugarcane costing Rs 325 will now cost Rs 350. 

In the Kisan Sammelan held in Lucknow on Sunday, CM Yogi said that 21 sugar mills were closed under the BSP government. Within the last four and a half years, we have made a record purchase of food grains from the farmers. Targeting the SP-BSP government, CM Yogi said that the work that has been done in the UP government could have been done by the previous governments also. 

CM Yogi said that the rule from 2004 to 2014 was a dark age for the country and the state. Anarchy and hooliganism prevailed here. Farmers of the state were dying of suicide and poor starvation. Where were those who have become the benefactors of farmers today? CM Yogi said that if we talk about wheat procurement, the previous government had paid Rs 12,808 crore to 19,02,08 farmers. Our government has given 43,75,574 farmers to 36, Wheat payment of Rs 504 crore has been made in his account. CM Yogi said that it is our endeavour to give state-of-the-art seeds to the farmers with new technology so that they too move towards producing sugarcane early. Describing the benefits of this new announcement to the farmers, Adityanath said, it will increase the income of sugarcane farmers by an additional eight per cent and change the lives of 45 lakh farmers. This change is not normal. To run 119 sugar mills and link it with ethanol 

In the Kisan Sammelan, Yogi Adityanath said that sugar mills were sold at throwaway prices under the BSP government. Sugar mills worth Rs 250 crore were sold for Rs 25-30 crore. 11 sugar mills were closed under the SP government. CM Yogi said that sugar mills were not closed in our government, but did the work of running the closed sugar mills. The Chief Minister said that within the last 4.5 years, we have made a record purchase of food grains from the farmers. Earlier governments could also do it. 


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