Can Corona reduce sperm count, difficulty to become father; know everything?

India: It may be disturbing for future generations of parents who want to have a child in their family. A study just published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that men were experiencing lower sperm motility and lower sperm counts even over two months after having had Covid-19 coronavirus infections.
The conclusion of the test was, “Semen is not infectious with SARS-CoV-2 at 1 week or more after COVID-19 infection (mean, 53 days). However, couples with a desire for pregnancy should be warned that sperm quality after COVID-19 infection can be suboptimal. The estimated recovery time is 3 months, but further follow-up studies are underway to confirm this and to determine if permanent damage occurred in a minority of men.”

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Detailed Analysis
After recovering from coronavirus, many problems arise due to post Covid diseases. A recent study has found that covid-19 also causes damage to sperm, which can also affect a man's ability to have children. The worrying thing about this study is that even after many months of recovery from Kovid-19, the sperm count has been seen to decrease.

How does corona cause damage to sperm?
Recently, a new study conducted in Belgium has revealed that the coronavirus can reduce the sperm count of men. In this study, published in the Fertility and Sterility Journal, a sample of 120 men from Belgium, whose average age was 35 years old, had recovered from corona for at least a week and an average of 53 days.
• The study found that men who had been infected with Kovid-19 less than a month had reduced their sperm count by 37%.
• Men who had been infected with corona for one to two months also saw a 29% reduction in their sperm count. Whereas after two months there was a 6% reduction in sperm count.
• In the men involved in this study, not only their sperm count but also sperm motility (sperm motility) were affected due to corona.
• The sperm motility of men who had been infected with the corona in less than a month was reduced by 60%.
• Similarly, men who had been infected with Kovid for one to two months saw a reduction in sperm motility by 37% and those who recovered from Kovid infection after two months also saw a decrease in sperm motility by 28%.
• Researchers admitted that there is strong evidence that the corona does not spread through sex. That is, the virus does not spread through the semen of a person who has been cured of the corona.
• The presence of corona, that is, RNA of the virus was not found in the semen of a corona infected person.
• Researchers said that more studies are still needed to see whether corona can have a long-term effect on the ability to have children or not.
• Men who had higher levels of Kovid-19 antibodies in their blood serum were directly related to less functioning spermatozoa.
• That is, the effect on the function of the sperm was due to the reaction of the body's immune system (antibodies) against Kovid and not the fever caused by the virus.
• Sperm count did not appear to be affected by the severity of the Kovid-19 infection. That is, those admitted to the hospital due to corona infection and those who had mild symptoms, both had the same sperm quality.

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How can Corona reduce men's ability to have children?
In this study, two things came to the fore regarding the effect on the sperm of corona infected men - one reduced their sperm count and second their sperm motility was also affected.
Even the men who had been cured of corona for more than two months also showed its effect on their sperm. Sperm plays the most important role in becoming a father to a man. In such a situation, it is most important for the couple planning to conceive, that the sperm of the male partner be healthy.
The researchers of this study cautioned couples planning to become pregnant, saying that couples wishing to become pregnant should be warned that the quality of sperm may decrease after Kovid-19 infection.
Now it is important for you to understand that after all, how does affecting sperm count and sperm motility affect the ability to have a child?
What is sperm count?
The male reproductive system produces sperm or spermatozoa that form in the seminiferous tubules within each testicle. The top part of the sperm contains DNA, which combines with the DNA of the woman's egg to form the baby.
Well, there are 6 criteria for healthy sperm, but the two most important of them are sperm count and sperm motility.
• Sperm count, that is, the number of sperm per millilitre (mL) in a man's semen. A healthy sperm count is considered when there are 15 million to 200 million sperm per mL of semen.
• If a man has less than 1.5 million sperm per ml and less than 3.9 million sperm per ejaculation (ejaculation), he is suffering from low sperm count.
• The special thing is that even though there are millions of sperm in just one millilitre of semen, only one sperm is needed to fertilize an egg to produce a child.
Why is sperm motility important?
To become a father, not only a healthy sperm count is necessary for men, but sperm motility is equally important. Sperm motility refers to the proper movement of sperm to reach the female egg.
• The most important property of sperm is its ability to float. The sperm floats until it reaches an egg to fertilize it.
• Healthy sperm motility in a man requires the sperm to move at a rate of at least 25 micrometres per second.
• If the sperm moves at less than 5 micrometres per second, then the man is suffering from low sperm motility.

This study shows that it has an effect on the sperm of people who are corona infected. Not only this, even months after recovering from corona, has the effect on sperm remained intact.

That is, this study points to the possibility of affecting the ability of men to have children. In such a situation, to avoid this situation, men should try to protect themselves from corona infection as much as possible and get the vaccination.

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