Corona updates in Delhi and other statesCorona updates in Delhi and other statesCorona updates in Delhi and other states

Corona's speed in Delhi seems to be curbing. More than 90 thousand tests were conducted here on Thursday, in which only 1363 cases of corona have been reported. Earlier, on August 31, 1358 cases were reported. At the same time, 2391 people beat Corona and 35 people died.

A total of 75 lakh 41 thousand 348 tests have been done in Delhi. There is also a continuous decline in the positivity rate. On Thursday, the positivity rate was recorded at 1.51%. Earlier on Monday, the lowest positivity rate was recorded at 2.1%. The infection rate was recorded at 1.90% on 15 December and 1.96% on 16 December.

More than 26 thousand infected found
in 24 hours, 26 thousand 754 new cases were reported in the country in the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours, 30 thousand 891 patients were cured. 299 infected died. This resulted in a decrease of 4 thousand 497 patients being treated, ie active case. So far 99.77 lakh people have been infected with corona in the country, out of which 95.20 lakh have been cured and 1.44 lakh have lost their lives due to this epidemic. These figures are taken from

Corona updates

The December and January holidays of employees and officials of UP's health department have been cancelled. This has been done for the state-run vaccination program.
Corona report of about 191 students has been positive since December 1 at IIT Madras. According to the report, the first two cases were found in the campus only on 1 December. This campus was then declared a Kovid hotspot.
Health Secretary Amit Negi of Uttarakhand was found corona infected on Wednesday. So far, 84 thousand 69 cases have been reported in the state. Among them, 6 thousand 140 patients are being treated.
State of 5 states

1. Delhi:
1363 people were found corona positive on Thursday. 2391 people recovered and 35 died. So far, 6 lakh 13 thousand 357 people have been affected by the infection here. Of these, 12 thousand 198 patients are being treated, while 5 lakh 90 thousand 977 people have been cured.

2. Madhya Pradesh
has received 1361 cases in the last 24 hours. 1326 people recovered and 9 patients died. So far, 2 lakh 27 thousand 949 people have been infected here. Of these, 2 lakh 12 thousand 351 were cured, while 3 thousand 442 died. At present, treatment of 12 thousand 156 is underway.

3. Gujarat
here 1115 people were found infected on the previous day. 1305 people recovered and 8 died. So far, 2 lakh 32 thousand 188 people have been infected. Of these, 12 thousand 549 patients are being treated. 2 lakh 15 thousand 628 people have been cured, while 4211 have died.

4. Rajasthan
had 1122 cases here on Thursday. 1974 people recovered and 11 died. So far, 2 lakh 95 thousand 953 people have been infected. Of these, 13 thousand 647 patients are being treated, while 2 lakh 79 thousand 717 people have been cured, 2589 have died.

5. Maharashtra hasreceived 3880 cases in the last 24 hours. 4358 patients recovered and 65 died. So far, 18.84 lakh cases have been reported here. 17.74 lakh patients have been cured. 48 thousand 499 patients have died. Now a total of 60 thousand 905 patients are being treated.

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