A Viral Social media post claims that, Did y’all know that MLK didn’t die from the bullet that hit him? He was killed (smothered) in the hospital.

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Multiple Fake news claims-: A Viral Social media post claims that, Did y’all know that MLK didn’t die from the bullet that hit him? He was killed (smothered) in the hospital. Also in 1999 the US government was found guilty in a court of law of conspiring to kill him but was silenced by the media ... YALL NOT READY FOR THIS TALK THO.

did y’all know MLK didn’t die from the bullet he died by the hands of a doctor at the hospital they sent him to?

just curious to how many of y’all know that lol

He literally died for us. Happy Birthday, MLK. Thank you. Funny how ppl always tell the part of the story that’s doesn’t involve their bullshit doings. Tell your kids to tell their teacher to talk about this next month during Black History Month when they bring up his name.

Facts Check Verdict: False

News Verification: Social Media post raising question over MLK death that he did not die because of the bullet that shot him, but was killed in the hospital later. The post has been share and like over 50000 times on various social media websites is not true.

Martin Luther King Jr., an American clergyman, and civil rights leader, was fatally shot at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4, 1968, at 6:01 p.m. CST. He was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital, where he died.

The King family and others believe the assassination was the result of a conspiracy involving the U.S. government, Mafia and Memphis police, as alleged by Loyd Jowers in 1993. They believe that Ray was a scapegoat. In 1999, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jowers for the sum of $10 million. During closing arguments, their attorney asked the jury to award damages of $100, to make the point that "it was not about the money." During the trial, both sides presented evidence alleging a government conspiracy. The government agencies accused could not defend themselves or respond because they were not named as defendants. Based on the evidence, the jury concluded Jowers and others were "part of a conspiracy to kill King" and awarded the family $100. The allegations and the finding of the Memphis jury were later rejected by the United States Department of Justice in 2000 due to lack of evidence.

As per nytimes, article published on December 9, 1999, , A jury in a civil suit brought by the family of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. decided today that a retired Memphis cafe owner was part of a conspiracy in the 1968 killing of Dr. King.

The jury's decision means it did not believe that James Earl Ray, who was convicted of the crime, fired the shot that killed Dr. King.

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