Lakhimpur Violence: Even after Ashish Mishra's arrest, questions arise on UP Police

Uttar Pradesh: The accused named in the Lakhimpur Kheri case, Ashish Mishra, son of the Union Minister of State for Home, was finally arrested at 10:50 pm on Saturday night after a 12-hour long interrogation. Ashish Mishra was sent to judicial custody after being produced before the remand magistrate in the night itself. On his arrest, SIT DIG Upendra Agarwal said, "Ashish Mishra is not cooperating in the investigation and is avoiding answering the questions, on the basis of which the police is arresting him."

However, Ashish Mishra's lawyer Avadhesh Kumar Singh claims that his client has fully cooperated in the police investigation.

His medical check-up took place in Police Lines late on Saturday and after that, he was produced before the local magistrate Diksha Bharti, where the police had demanded to take him on remand for three days, but the magistrate gave the next hearing at 11 am on Monday. Postponing till then directed to send him to Lakhimpur Kheri Jail.

The unedited video has been circulating on social media, where Reports suggest the car was driven by Ashish Mishra, son of BJP's Union Minister of State Ajay Mishra.

Along with Ashish Mishra, Lakhimpur Sadar MLA Yogesh Verma, Ajay Mishra Teni's representatives Arvind Singh Sanjay and Jitendra Singh Jitu came to the police line office with Ashish Mishra alias Monu. Sadar MLA and Arvind Singh Sanjay were leading and Monu was following them in long steps towards the crime branch office. When the media standing outside the crime branch office saw Monu, they ran to get his further reaction. Before Monu could say anything, two police constables took him towards the crime branch office. Arvind Singh and Ashish Mishra entered Monu Crime Branch's office amid fierce scuffles. Later Arvind Singh Sanjay came out after giving a bag. DIG Upendra Agarwal was already present in the office.

After the appearance of Ashish Mishra, who were the officers in the interrogation, SP Vijay Dhul, Additional SP Arun Kumar Singh reached the spot. Apart from this, members of the Police Special Investigation Committee, PAC General Sunil Singh, CO Gola Sanjay Nath Tiwari etc. also went inside the crime branch office. After this, the door was closed and the interrogation began. The interrogation of Ashish Mishra lasted for several rounds. First other officers asked questions to Ashish Mishra and after that DIG Upendra Agarwal himself took over the command. The DIG and the Police Investigation Committee asked Ashish Mishra every question the police was looking for answers to.

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With the police asking for three days' remand, it is certain that the police still want to continue questioning Ashish Mishra on many aspects. Now on Monday, the SIT team will once again try to take Ashish Mishra on remand. Police want to inquire further about Ashish Mishra's use of mobile phone and his presence from 2.30 am to 4 pm on the day of the accident.

The Congress on Saturday said that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi is serious about protecting democracy, he should remove the accused Ashish Mishra's father Ajay Mishra from the post of Minister of State for Home within 24 hours.

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