Huge conspiracy to defame CM Yogi's image see the videos why?

Uttar Pradesh: What the 'farmers' wanted has happened. The threat that not a single BJP leader or minister will be allowed to leave has been implemented. More than half a dozen people, including 'farmers' and BJP workers, have been killed in the violence started by the farmers. Political tourism has also started after this violence in Lakhimpur Kheri. Priyanka Gandhi was seen on camera threatening the policemen. She was telling that if she wants, the policemen should get her arrested for molesting and kidnapping.

Journalists from the secular-liberal ecosystem are also active. Several journalists tweeted fake news and a few hours after it went viral, deleting those tweets and hanging the tag of truthfulness around their neck. The program to give credit to Priyanka Gandhi, out on political tourism, has started. Many leaders have packed their belongings to reach Lakhimpur Kheri. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Baghel and Punjab Chief Minister Channi, who are facing problems in their state, also want to leave everything and reach Lakhimpur.

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When such incidents happen, then there is only one thing to wonder and that is how the opposition leaders busy in their respective programs on normal days get ready for such incidents within an hour and leave for the spot.

Neither such incidents come as a surprise nor do the opposition leaders try to take advantage of them as they happen again and again in the last seven years. Anyway, elections are going to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year, so much has to be done. The problem is not this, but the problem is with the thought that something should be done where there is nothing and then weeping for it. Opposition parties have adopted this political philosophy over the years, regardless of what it achieves or what may be achieved in the future.

Trying to capitalize on it by creating where there is no law and order problem is a strategy that is very old and which may not be tried again and again in the current rapidly changing political scenario, but the opposition is that this strategy Not ready to give up. How successful or unsuccessful the strategy has been will remain a matter of debate.

The pictures and videos of violence that have come out from Lakhimpur give strength to the thinking that the violence was done in a planned manner. In the sudden violence, the person beaten up does not have a cloth or a mask on his face, but the person who is beaten has a cloth wrapped around his mouth. What could be the reason behind this except that the identity of the thrasher could not be ascertained? One of the motives of the planned violence is to create the same illusion in the minds of BJP supporters and workers as the same illusion has been created in the minds of BJP workers and supporters of West Bengal that the party does not think anything about their safety. .

Among the Chief Ministers of all the BJP-ruled states, the image of Yogi Adityanath is that of an efficient administrator and a leader who establishes the rule of law without any hesitation. His style of work presents him as a brand that is fearless and in any case, is determined to establish law and order in Uttar Pradesh which has been infamous for hooliganism. In such a situation, if this image is shaken, then confusion can be created about his skill in the mind of that worker and supporter, in whose mind there is no doubt about his ability. Which considers him the best in terms of leadership.

Now it remains to be seen what happened in Lakhimpur. How does the Yogi government deal with it? Since the violence has been done in the name of farmers, then any government or its leadership will avoid any such action which may anger the farmers, but here is the test of Yogi Adityanath. Every leader does not want to lose his political capital under any circumstances, but if its cost is the same workers of the party, who have put their sweat in accumulating this political capital, then the question to be considered for any efficient leadership will be how much this cost. Is it big or small and is it possible to protect political capital at this cost?

This question is not only for the state leadership of BJP in Uttar Pradesh but also for the central leadership of the party. The supporters of the party, if not the workers, have been convinced that the central leadership has so far been indifferent to all the antics done by the 'farmers'. In such a situation, the central and state leadership of the party will have to take decisive steps to re-instil confidence in the minds of supporters and workers. When elections are not far away, it will be interesting to see how much political ground the leadership has for a decisive step.

Yogi appealed to people to remain calm he said, There is an appeal to all the people of the area not to be misled by anyone and contribute in maintaining peace and order on the spot. Wait for the on-the-spot investigation and action before jumping to any conclusion.

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