Is India heading towards third wave of Omicron Infection?

Omicron Case in Mumbai: After Gujarat-Karnataka, now a case of Omicron has also come up in Maharashtra. It has been told that the person had gone to South Africa and then came to India via Dubai.

India’s fourth case of Omicron country has unfolded. A new variant of the corona has been confirmed in the youth who returned from South Africa to Mumbai ( Omicron case in Maharashtra ). The Director of the Maharashtra Health Department said that a 33-year-old man, who returned from abroad to the Kalyan Dombivali municipal area near Mumbai, has been confirmed to have a new variant of the corona, Omicron. This is the first confirmed case of Omicron in Maharashtra.

The Maharashtra Health Department says that the 33-year-old passenger reached Mumbai from Cape Town in South Africa via Dubai and Delhi on November 24. He hasn't got any vaccinations. 12 out of their high-risk contacts and 23 out of low-risk contacts have been traced all have tested negative.

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