Is Omicron virus born from a rat? This theory is Dangerous for future

New Delhi, December 3: The Omicron variant of Coronavirus has knocked in more than 30 countries to date. Research is going on all over the world regarding this and as fast as it is spreading, new theories are also emerging about its origin. Experts all over the world are trying to understand its nature. It is not even 10 days since the first case was reported in South Africa, but it is believed to be a very likely cause of the next wave of Covid-19. Now a new theory has come to the fore, according to which it is being told that this variant of Covid is not born from the human body but is born from the body of some munching organism like rodent or squirrel-rat. Scientists believe that this is a very dangerous sign for the future!

Omicron virus became so frightening after being born from a rat? According to a report by STAT News, some scientists believe that the Omicron variant has evolved from a possible rodent-like organism infected with the coronavirus, which may have been infected with Covid in the middle of 2020. After dozens of mutations in that organism, it has infected the human body. According to the report, Kristen Andersen, an immunologist at the Scripps Research Institute, is of the view that Omicron evolved from a reverse zoonotic event. When a pathogen from an animal infects a human, it is called a zoonotic event and when it reverses, it is scientifically called a reverse zoonotic event. Andersen says that Omicron formed after multiple mutations, so reverse zoonosis is most likely in this case.

Mice infecting gene confirmed in Omicron Another expert and professor of microbiology and immunology at Tulane Medical School, Robert Gary, says that 7 out of 32 mutations in Omicron are those that can infect rodents. However, Gary is not sure whether the Omicron variant evolved from an animal or a human. But, there is a gene in the Omicron variant that can infect mice. It has been confirmed. That's why scientists are also looking at the point of view that it is a virus born in the body of an animal like a rat or a squirrel.

Many more dangerous variants are expected to arise! Evolutionary biologist Mike Voroby of the University of Arizona says that this is a very surprising form, because if this variant can infect an organism with a chronic disease, then imagine what it can do to a human. Due to this, there is also a possibility of the emergence of many more dangerous variants. However, Mike is not ready to believe that it evolved from the Rodent. They believe that it has developed in the body of a person with a weak immune system.

HIV/AIDS theory the theory that the Omicron variant could be formed due to a patient with a weakened immune system suffering from HIV/AIDS being infected with the coronavirus is already underway. According to this theory, that patient must have had some other chronic disease at that time, due to which the coronavirus present in his body gradually got a chance to change its form. This is the reason why so many mutations happened in it and due to this, such a dangerous Omicron variant became.

Omicron not developed in South Africa? On the other hand, virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité University Hospital in Berlin denies both of these theories. According to them, it must have first surfaced in that populated area, where there was a lack of surveillance regarding the virus. It was born there and started spreading there. But, no one was able to notice it. Drosten even believes that it may not have originated in South Africa, because there has been a lot of genome sequencing. Instead, it must have developed in the cold climate in the far south of Africa. No travel history has been found for the second Omicron patient who has come up in India. From this, even this theory cannot be denied.

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