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India: Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar threatened and abused a journalist who questioned him about his neech kisam ka Aadmi, comment against PM  Modi. The Congress old leader knocked aside the microphone and used abusive language against the reporter whose face was not visible in the video.

The news18 reporter questioned Mr. Ayer regarding his 2017 article where he called Modi neech kisam ka Aadmi  ( low-life kind of person). Mani Shankar was suspended from the party for around 8 months.

In the below video Ayer, Waving his arms in a possible imitation of Modi, he said, He doesn’t talk to you because he is a coward. He doesn’t talk to the media.  He pushed aside the microphone in his hand. The journalist was heard apologizing and asked him not to get angry. 

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