Mann ki Baat: Know what the PM of the Indian Nation wants from us all

Mann Ki Baat: He said, Nowadays a special e-auction, e-auction is going on. These electronic auctions are being held for those gifts, which have been given to me by people from time to time. The money that will come from this auction is dedicated to the 'Namami Gange' campaign. This tradition of saving rivers across the country, this effort, this faith is saving our rivers. 

In the Mann Ki Baat program, PM Modi said, this tradition of saving rivers across the country, this effort, this faith is saving our rivers. When such news comes to my ears from any corner of India, great respect towards those who do such work awakens in my mind and I also feel like telling those things to you.

PM Modi said one should never make the mistake of considering a small thing as a small thing. Small efforts sometimes bring big changes, and if we look at the life of Mahatma Gandhi, we will feel every moment how important small things were in his life and small things. How did he make big resolutions come true by taking matters into account? 

Just a few days ago, in this inaccessible area of ​​Siachen, the team of 8 differently-abled people has done wonders, it is a matter of pride for every countryman. This team has made a world record by waving its flag at Kumar Post situated at an altitude of more than 15,000 feet of Siachen Glacier. 

This operation to conquer the Siachen Glacier has been successful because of the veterans of the special forces of the Indian Army. I commend this team for this historic and unprecedented achievement. It also reveals the spirit of our countrymen to tackle every challenge with Can-Do Culture, Can Do Determination, Can-Do Attitude. 

PM Modi said, the condition of our lives today is that the word corona resonates in our ears hundreds of times in a day, the biggest global pandemic in a hundred years, COVID-19 has taught a lot to every countryman. Today there has been an increase in curiosity and awareness about Healthcare and Wellness. Traditionally such natural products are available in abundance in our country which is very beneficial for wellness. 

Patayat Sahu Ji, who lives in Nandol, Kalahandi, Odisha, has been doing unique work in this area for years. They have planted medicinal plants on one and a half acres of land. Not only this, but Sahu Ji has also done documentation of these medicinal plants. Today, a team of about forty women is involved in this work and Aloe Vera is cultivated on many acres. Be it Patayat Sahu Ji of Odisha or this team of women in Deori, the way they have linked agriculture with the field of health, the One is an example in itself. 

PM Modi said, to increase awareness about Medicinal and Herbal Plants among children, the Ministry of AYUSH has taken an interesting initiative and our professor Ayushman ji has taken the lead. Maybe when you think that who is Professor Ayushmann? Actually, Professor Ayushman is the name of a comic book. In this, short stories have been prepared through different cartoon characters. Short stories have been prepared. Along with this, the usefulness of healthy medical plants like Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Amla, Giloy, Neem, Ashwagandha and Brahmi has been told. 

PM Modi said, from the life of Deendayal ji, we also get a lesson to never give up. Despite the adverse political and ideological circumstances, he never shied away from the vision of an indigenous model for India's development. Today, many young people want to move forward by breaking away from the prepared paths. They want to do things their own way. Deendayal ji's life can help him a lot. That's why I request the youth that they must know about them. 

PM Modi said the country has made many such records in vaccination which are being discussed all over the world. Every Indian has an important role in this fight. We have to get the vaccine when our turn comes, but we also have to keep in mind that no one is left out of this security cycle. Those who have not got the vaccine around them also have to be taken to the vaccine centre. Even after getting the vaccine, the necessary protocol has to be followed. I hope that once again Team India will wave its flag in this fight. 


Highlights of the PM Mann Ki Baat:

Cleanliness and transparency in the country's economy due to digital payment

Addressing the program, PM Modi said, cleanliness and transparency are coming in the country's economy with digital payments. He said that in the month of August, 355 crore transactions were done through UPI. Today, on average, over Rs 6 lakh crore digital payments are being made through UPI, he said. 


Mahatma Gandhi worked to make cleanliness a mass movement

The Prime Minister said, our youth of today must know how the cleanliness campaign had given continuous energy to the freedom movement. It was Mahatma Gandhi who had done the work of making cleanliness a mass movement. Mahatma Gandhi had associated cleanliness with the dream of independence.


 Focus placed on cleaning rivers

During this, PM Modi mentioned Chhath Puja. Terming it as a big opportunity for the cleanliness of the rivers, he said that in a few days the cleaning of rivers will start for Chhath. This time the Prime Minister kept his focus on the cleanliness of the rivers. Referring to World River Day, he said that we call rivers mother and sing songs for them, then the question arises that how do these rivers become polluted.

PM Modi said, the tradition of remembering the rivers may have disappeared today or may have survived in a very small amount, but there was a very big tradition which used to make a trip to vast India while taking a bath in the morning, the mental journey! "A special e-auction is going on nowadays. These electronic auctions are being held for gifts that people have given me from time to time. The money that will come from this auction is dedicated to the Namami Gange campaign.

Everyone's cooperation is necessary for cleaning the rivers

The PM said, in our scriptures, even a little pollution in the rivers has been told wrong. We can try to clean the rivers and make them free from pollution with everyone's efforts and cooperation. If the Namami Gange mission is moving forward today, efforts, awareness and mass movement of all the people have a big role in it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, for us, rivers are not a physical thing. For us, the river is a living entity and that is why we call the rivers mother. No matter how many festivals, festivals, celebrations we have, all these happen in the lap of these mothers too. They said, There has been a tradition in India to recite a verse while taking a bath. Gange Cha Yamuna Chaiva Godavari Saraswati. Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jale Asmin Sannidhi Kuru. Earlier, in our homes, elders of the family used to remember these verses for the children and this also instilled faith in our country about rivers. A map of vast India used to be imprinted in the mind. There was a connection to the rivers.

PM communicates with people through the program

Through this radio program, PM Modi communicates with the people and shares his views on important issues related to the people. This event is organized on the last Sunday of every month. For the 81st edition of the Mann Ki Baat program, PM Modi had also sought suggestions from the public, so that new suggestions and progressive ideas can be included in this program.

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