Massive BJP protest against Kejriwal government over liquor shops in New Delhi

New Delhi: BJP workers have blocked the traffic on NH 9 against the new excise policy of the Delhi government. Due to the protest, both the routes to and from Delhi near Akshardham have been blocked. Police are trying to clear the protesters and start traffic operations. BJP Delhi State President Adesh Gupta, who was protesting against this new policy of the Delhi government, was detained by the police.

BJP opposed the new excise policy

Recently, BJP had lodged an objection regarding the new excise policy in Delhi. They believe that Kejriwal's government is opening liquor shops arbitrarily. That's why BJP is going to take to the streets to stop them. The Delhi unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday said that it will conduct 'chakka jams' at 14 places in the city on January 3 if the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government does not withdraw its new excise policy.

State BJP President Adesh Gupta had accused the AAP that the Delhi government was illegally opening liquor shops across the city under the new excise policy. Gupta said that liquor shops will not be allowed to open near religious places or schools. "If the new anti-people excise policy is not withdrawn, the party will do 'chakka jam' at 14 places across the city on January 3," he said.

What is the New Excise Policy of the Delhi Government

The government has licensed as L-15, L-16, L-17, L-19, L-20, L-21, L-28 and L-29 under the new excise policy decided to give According to an order issued by the Excise Department, the service in the licensed premises for 'on-site consumption' (dashi and foreign liquor) in the National Capital Territory of Delhi for the year 2021-22 will be implemented from November 17. 

In this order, the applicant has been asked to download the form from the website of the Excise Department and submit it with complete information and all the required documents. License categories for 'on-site consumption' include residents in a hotel, motel, guest house in their rooms (L15), bars/restaurants attached to the hotel (L16), independent restaurants (L17) (L19) for independent restaurants located in the arrival or departure area of ​​the international airport, serving Indian and foreign liquor.

Other license categories: Service of Indian and foreign liquor in a bar/dining car in a luxury train (L20), Round-the-clock service/sale of liquor (L21) in a bar attached to a hotel located in the arrival or departure area of ​​the international airport There is a club (L29) exclusively for serving or retired officers of the Government and the Armed Forces. As per the terms and conditions relating to the on-site liquor license, the licensee has to purchase liquor from the retailer which he can store anywhere in the premises. The licensee shall also ensure that liquor and beer in glasses or bottles shall not be taken outside the premises. 

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