Nafeesa Attari had put up a picture of Pakistani cricketers with the caption, Jeeeet gayeeee… We wonnn

Rajasthan: Neerja Modi school teacher Nafisa Attari was arrested by the Udaipur police in Rajasthan. The teacher was booked for posting on social media in support of Pakistan, during the India-Pakistan match. Ambamata police interrogated the woman after her arrest under section 153B (speech or act against national unity). During interrogation, the woman told that she had posted this jokingly. She has publicly apologized for this as well. It was not his intention to support the Pakistan team or post against the country. On the other hand, after being produced in court, Nafisa has been granted bail on a fine of Rs 20,000.

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Actually, during the India Pakistan match, female teacher Nafisa Attari posted a status on social media celebrating Pakistan's victory. The anger of the parents was seen and after the growing uproar, the teacher was expelled from the school as well. On the second day of the case filed by Bajrang Dal, the police arrested the female teacher.

After the T20 match between India and Pakistan on Sunday, October 24, teacher Nafeesa Attari wrote on her WhatsApp, expressing happiness over Pakistan's victory, that we have won. When the parents of a child saw this WhatsApp status, they were furious.

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Seeing the status of the teacher, when the parents asked if they supported Pakistan, the teacher replied yes. On this, the parents called the school management and objected to it. After the matter caught fire, the school fired teacher Nafeesa Attari from her job.

Rajasthan: Teacher expresses joy over Pakistan's T20 win against India, gets expelled

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On the other hand, teacher Nafisa Attari released the video and apologized saying that we were watching the match. We had divided two teams at home. We were supporting our respective teams. It did not mean that I am supporting Pakistan. Somebody messaged me that you are supporting Pakistan, the mood of laughter was going on. I said yes It does not mean anywhere that I support Pakistan. I am Indian and love India. I myself realized that this has gone wrong so I deleted the status.

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