Nawab Malik targets Devendra Fadnavis of having link with Drug peddler

Mumbai: Nawab Malik has intensified this fight against Samir Wankhede, bringing new details and talks in the case. The Minister in Maharashtra government Nawab Malik, while holding a press conference on Monday, said that he targeted former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and alleged that the drug peddler has links with the BJP leader. He said that the drug trade is going on in entire Maharashtra only on the behest of Devendra Fadnavis.

The Maharashtra minister targeted Wankhede by holding a press conference. Nawab Malik said that the SC-ST Commission does not have the right to investigate the certificate. I Will complain about the certificate in front of the Maharashtra government committee, Arun Haldhar is threatening me. At the same time, let us tell you that former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has also entered the fight between Malik and Wankhede. Nawab Malik has made a big allegation on Fadnavis. He said that a drug paddler Jaideep Rana has links with Fadnavis. My son-in-law was falsely implicated and sections were wrongly imposed on him.

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Nawab Malik has also posted two pictures on Twitter, claiming that Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amrita Fadnavis are with the drug paddler. Nawab Malik has said that today we will talk about the relationship between BJP and drug peddlers. According to Nawab Malik, Amrita Fadnavis is accompanied by drug paddler Jaideep Rana, who was arrested in June 2021.

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Let us tell you that no one thought that the story that started with a cruise raid would turn into a battle between a leader and an officer. Nawab Malik has made allegations against Sameer Wankhede and his family that neither Sameer Wankhede nor his family had any experience. Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik is accusing Wankhede every day in the last 21 days. Malik has accused Sameer Wankhede's father of converting to the religion. He has also accused Wankhede of extortion and forgery.

Sameer Wankhede has given an open answer to the allegations against him and has also disclosed that some suspects entered his house in the name of police and searched. The Wankhede family now fears for their safety and they openly expressed this in front of the Deputy Chairman of the SC-ST Commission. NCB zonal head Wankhede told for the first time that his family's security was at risk. Now the question is, who is trying to target the Wankhede family?

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Yesterday, Arun Halder, Vice-Chairman of the SC-ST Commission, reached Sameer Wankhede's house today. According to Kranti Redkar, wife of Sameer Wankhede, she has shown all the original documents of the Wankhede family to the Deputy Chairman of the SC-ST Commission. Now the truth will come out in the investigation of the commission. After meeting the Wankhede family, Arun Halder said that the first investigation will be done by those who are accusing Sameer Wankhede.

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