Ola electric scooters: Here are prices in your state; cheapest in Gujarat

New Delhi: Ola has launched its electric scooters and deliveries will begin across India from October 2021, the company has announced. Do you know what the prices of the two models are? Find out here. Also, we will tell you the specifications and other details.

There are two Ola S1 models – Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro, according to the company’s website. Ola S1 can achieve a maximum speed of 90kmph while Ola S1 Pro is 115kmph.

Ola S1’s range is 121 km while Ola S1 Pro is 181km. In both, the peak motor power is 8.5kw.

The scooters are available in 10 colours (both gloss and matte finishes). They have large boot spaces and an ‘iconic’ headlamp, as per the company.

On the scooter’s performance, it said, “It is setting new industry benchmarks with a range of 181 Kms, acceleration of 0-40 kmph in 3.0 seconds, and a top speed of 115 kmph. It has a 3.97kWh of battery capacity, more than 30% higher than the next closest EV, and the most powerful motor in the category with 8.5 KW of peak power.”

“Ola S1 also comes with a proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) which actively monitors the battery for optimal durability, performance, range and safety.”

Technology: “S1 brings technology that is several generations ahead of anything on the market. It has no physical key and pairs with your phone with its “digital key” feature. This enables it to know when you’re near it and unlock automatically. It will also lock itself as you move away. It has a multi-microphone array, AI speech recognition algorithms that have been built in-house, and the sharpest, brightest 7-inch touchscreen display ever put in a scooter.

“With our homegrown MoveOS, customers can not only alter the look & feel of the display but also how the scooter sounds. It will have four moods at launch - Bolt, Care, Vintage and Wonder, and will offer a customised vehicle sound experience that matches your mood of the day. It will also come with three driving modes - Normal, Sport and Hyper for you to personalise how you ride.”

Safety measures: “We have introduced a lot of safety features which are rare in the two wheeler segment. Ola S1 has an anti theft alert system, geo fencing, and a battery which is flame retardant and water & dust resistant. It also has front and rear disc brakes and ‘Hill Hold’ feature which makes riding in traffic and navigating inclines easy,” Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said on the company’s blog.

Ola scooters can be reserved at Rs 499. Purchases start from September 8, 2021.

Ola electric scooters’ prices across India ((all prices ex-showroom)


Ola S1: ₹85,099

Ola S1 Pro: ₹1,10,149


Ola S1: ₹79,999

Ola S1 Pro: ₹1,09,999


Ola S1: ₹94,999

Ola S1 Pro: 1,24,999


Ola S1: ₹89,968

Ola S1 Pro: ₹1,19,138

All other states

Ola S1: ₹99,999

Ola S1 Pro: ₹1,29,999

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