Omicron infected has less risk of hospitalization than other variants, revealed in the report

LONDON: People infected with Omicron are 50 to 70 percent less likely to require hospital care compared to previous COVID-19 variants. This information is given in an analysis. According to the BBC report, the UK Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) said its initial results are "encouraging", but the variant can still infect large numbers of people in hospitals.

The agency's latest analysis is based on all cases from Omicron and Delta in the UK since early November, with 132 people hospitalised. 14 people have also died within 28 days of being infected with the new variant.

"Our latest analysis shows an encouraging early indication that people who are infected with the Omicron variant may be at a relatively lower risk of hospitalization than other variants," said UKHSA chief executive Jenny Harris.

Based on data from South Africa, Denmark, England and Scotland, the report all pointed to a downgrade of severity.

Coronavirus cases have increased to more than 27.88 crores worldwide. So far, more than 539 million people have died due to this epidemic, while more than 8.88 billion have been vaccinated. These figures have been shared by Johns Hopkins University. In its latest update on Saturday morning, the university's Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) reported that the current global cases have risen to 278,865,910, the death toll to 5,392,020 and the total number of vaccinations to 8,888,931,499, respectively.

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